If you have any enquires about sponsorship or wish to sponsor part or all of a competition please contact any member of the Committee or use the contact form.

Competitions available for sponsorship can be found under the Competitions tab.

Our Sponsors


We have three sponsorship packages available. Each valid for one year. Whatever package you choose our aim is to make that event as much yours as it is the Clubs.

A competition consists of one to three categories – Men, Ladies and Juniors. You can sponsor by Category or by Competition. One or more competitions can be sponsored.

Sponsorship packages
Package Description
Silver Sponsor one or more but not all categories in a single competition. Minimum Prices follow:
£25.00 (Juniors), £75.00 (Juniors and Ladies), £105.00 (Juniors and Men)
£50.00 (Ladies), £130.00 (Ladies and Men)
£80.00 (Men)
Gold Sponsor all the categories for a single competition. Minimum Price is:
£155.00 or if a single category competition the category price.
Platinum Sponsor all of the seasons monthly medals. Minimum Price around: £400.00

For each package we offer

  • An image link (maximum size 208 x 62 pixels) from our website to a web resource of your choosing. This link will be featured throughout the site.
  • An individual web post containing logo, contact details and up to 120’ish words of promotional, descriptive text. This post is accessible via a page list of all our sponsors
  • Display of marketing, promotional posters (provided by sponsor) during the week leading up to and on the day of the competition
  • Competition to be named after or include the sponsor’s name
  • Valid for one year

If you are looking to have a particular format, a ‘nearest the pin’, ‘straightest drive’ or ….. for your competition then please let us know and we will try our utmost to accommodate.

Why sponsor?

From a Business perspective there is the marketing thing – supporting events that your target market finds attractive:

  • is an effective method of boosting your visibility in the community
  • provides a great means of broadening competitive edge by improving image, prestige and credibility
  • helps to enhance public profile relatively cheaply
  • differentiates your company from competitors
  • helps to develop closer and better relationships with customers, both existing and potential ones
  • is a platform to showcase services and products
  • can even be useful to get rid of outdated inventory

From an individual’s perspective, I would not go as far as to say it was being philanthropic but maybe it’s just a way of giving something back, helping out or being involved in something that a number of people participate in and usually (depending on how well they played!) enjoy.

Whatever the reasons, all sponsorships are welcomed, held in high regarded and valued by Marsden Park Golf Club Members.


  • Captains Drive In Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • The Opening Salvo Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • Stableford Juniors
  • 1st Medal Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • May Cup Juniors, Ladies
  • Mixed 4 Person Team Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • American Greensome Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • 2nd Medal Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • May Stableford Juniors, Ladies
  • Vice Captains Day Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • 3rd Medal Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • 3 Clubs & A Putter Juniors, Ladies
  • 4th Medal Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • Marsden Building Society Trophy Juniors
  • Captains Day Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • Singles Medal Juniors, Ladies
  • Club Championship Finals Day Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • Presidents Day Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • Finals Day Knockouts 1 Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • 2 Man Texas Scramble Juniors, Mens
  • Finals Day Knockouts 2 Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • Golden Prize September Pendant Juniors, Ladies
  • 2 Person Team Juniors, Ladies
  • Hogmanay Juniors, Mens, Ladies
  • 4 Man Texas Scramble Mens
  • Bob Spiers Trophy Mens
  • Wr Stott Trophy Mens
  • 4 BBB Stableford Mens
  • 5th Medal Mens, Ladies
  • Masters R1 Mens
  • Masters R2 Mens
  • 6th Medal Mens, Ladies
  • Medal Final T.i.a.n.y Cup Mens
  • Wilcock Trophy Mens
  • Golden Prize Mens
  • Turkey Shoot Mens, Ladies
  • 2 Person Texas Scramble Ladies
  • Tfs Trophy Ladies
  • Masters Ladies
  • Ladies 3 Person Team Ladies
  • Elga Mixed Foresomes Qualifier Ladies
  • Medal Final Ladies, Mens
  • Founder Members Rosebowl Ladies
  • Ramsbottom Putter Mens
  • Metcalfe Salver Mens
  • Three person team Mens