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Getting started


How to get started in playing golf
What equipment will I need?
What should I wear?
What will it cost?

How to get started:

If you are interested in taking up golf, then a great place to start is at the Marsden Park Junior Golf Academy, run by volunteers from the club itself.  All required equipment is provided in the lessons which run throughout the season. Contact details for the Junior Organiser are included on the Club Officials section of the website.

The National Learning Programme for England, Wales and Scotland

This is a nationwide programme developed with an emphasis on learning through fun via games and activities delivered by a qualified coach.

This leads to participating in a number of skills tests with gold, silver and bronze levels of achievement with certificates on completion.

Marsden Park Golf Club is committed to running courses for beginners at low cost.

Basic child protection measures are being followed.


What equipment will I need?

Equipment will be provided for use in coaching sessions, however, golf clubs can also be hired from Marsden Park golf shop or you can buy your own to progress your skills outside of the scheduled coaching sessions.

Before buying any equipment, it is advisable to get some advice from the coach.

Each club has a grip, a shaft and a club head which comes in all shapes and sizes. The club you use to hit the ball will depend where the ball is and the kind of shot you want to play.

You can have up to 14 clubs in your bag, but when starting you only need a wood, a putter and 2 to 3 irons.

Used to hit the ball a long way, a driver is used to hit the ball off the tee and fairway woods are used when there is a long way to go to the green.

Used for shorter distances than woods with different lofts which are used subject to the distance you need to hit the ball.

Flat faced club used to hit the ball on the green.

You will need a bag to carry your clubs, balls, tee pegs and anything you may need when you are playing.

What should I wear?

At all golf clubs there is a dress code, which usually consists of ‘smart casual’.

A collared t-shirt and trousers are always acceptable, (avoid jeans and tracksuits).

Golf shoes with plastic or metal spikes, to avoid slipping are essential, you will have to wear golf shoes at some golf courses.

You can play golf in any weather, it is advisable to have a waterproof jacket and trousers.

Most golfers wear one glove to stop the club slipping and prevent blisters, (if you are right handed, you need a glove for your left hand).

What will it cost?

At Marsden Park Golf Club we ensure that golf is affordable for all and have a competitive pricing structure in place for our Junior members. There are 2 levels of junior membership at Marsden Park – Juniors (who play in club competitions) and Junior Academy (learning the game). Please see our current prices for full details of these memberships.

Junior Academy members who progress to playing competitions within a single season will need to pay an upgrade fee. How much this will be depends on how much of the season is left.

The above is for Club Membership. There will also be a fee for playing the course, this depend on the persons age, full details are available in the club shop.

Junior Coaching sessions are run throughout the main golf season.  Details will be found on the website, or at the club house during March.  A small charge is made for the sessions, all of which is reinvested back into Junior Golf at the club.

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