Club Rules


The Club shall be named ‘Marsden Park Golf Club’.



To encourage the Playing of the game of Golf according to the Rules of Golf, and to the observance of the Etiquette of Golf on the Marsden Park Golf Course, to arrange competitions and to determine the handicaps of Members.


The Club

The Club is a non profit making organisation. All profit and surpluses will be used to maintain or improve the Clubs facilities. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non-profit making body, or to members on winding up or dissolution of the Club.



  1. (a) The management of the Club and the disposal of funds shall be vested in a Committee consisting of a President, Captains, Vice-Captains, Immediate Past Captain’s, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Competition and Junior Organiser along with other Members of the Club, the number shall be decided by the Committee each year.
  2. (b) The Captain’s and Vice-Captain’s shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting, together with a predetermined number of members of the Committee to serve for two years.
  3. (c) The President shall be elected every two years. He/She may, but need not to be, a Member of the Club, and may only be elected on the recommendation of the Committee.
  4. (d) The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Competition Secretary shall be elected every two years.
  5. (e) Any Member of the Club is eligible for nomination and election to any office. Nominations shall be signed by two Members of the Club, and forwarded to the Honorary Secretary to be received not later than seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  6. (f) In the event of there being more nominations than vacancies, the election shall be by a ballot of the Members present at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of ties, these will be decided by the Members of the Committee holding office and being present at that meeting.
  7. (g) Vacancies occurring in any office, or the Committee, during the year shall be filled by the Committee for the period until the next Annual General Meeting, at which Members may decide to extend such election for the period for which the vacancy has arisen, or fill the vacancy.
  8. (h) The Course Manager shall be a person nominated by the Pendle Leisure Trust Ltd. (the Trust) to act as their representative to the Committee, and is not entitled to vote.

The Committee

  1. (a) The Committee shall have control of the finances of the Club and all such administrative powers as may be necessary for properly carrying out the objects of the Club in accordance with the rules.
  2. (b) The Committee shall have the power to decide any question arising on the interpretation of the Rules of the Club.
  3. (c) FIVE members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.
  4. (d) The Committee may delegate any of its duties to sub-committees appointed from its Members and may co-opt other Members of the Club to serve thereon.
  5. (e) The Committee shall recommend to the Annual General Meeting the person to be elected as President.

The President

  1. (a) The President shall keep office for a period of TWO years.
  2. (b) The President shall occupy the chair at all meetings of the Club.

The Captain

He and the Lady Captain shall retain a seat on the Committee for one year following their year of office.


Honorary Secretary

  1. (a) The Honorary Secretary shall keep a register of Members, Minutes of proceedings at all meetings of the Club and the Committee may from time to time direct.
  2. (b) He/She shall keep records of all competitions of the Club.
  3. (c) He/She shall have custody of all documents belonging to the Club, and conduct all correspondence on behalf of the Club.
  4. (d) He/She shall summon the meetings of the Club and the Committee, and give all notices on behalf of the Club.

Honorary Treasurer

  1. (a) The Honorary Treasurer shall receive all subscriptions and monies payable to the Club and shall forthwith pay the same into the bank, or such other place as the Committee may direct, to the credit of the Club.
  2. (b) He/She shall pay by cheque signed by him/herself and one other of two signatories as authorised by the Committee, all accounts of the Club.
  3. (c) He/She shall keep such records as may be necessary to show the financial transactions and position of the Club, and shall prepare a Statement of Account for the financial year ending 30th November. A Balance Sheet, duly audited, shall be distributed to Members SEVEN days prior to the Annual General Meeting, and presented at that Meeting.

Honorary Competition Secretary

  1. (a) The Honorary Competition Secretary shall run all competitions of the Club.
  2. (b) He/She shall keep a record of all the competitions of the Club.
  3. (c) He/She shall keep a record of handicaps of all Members of the Club.

Ex-Officio Members

The President, Captain, Vice Captain, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of all Sub-Committees of the Committee.



  1. (a) An Annual General Meeting of the Club, of which SEVEN days notice shall be given by post to the last known address of each Member, shall be held in January of each year.
  2. (b) The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be to receive the Honorary Treasurer’s Report Statement of Account Balance Sheet, the Auditors Report, the Honorary Secretary’s Report, to elect Members of the Committee, and to consider any other business of which due notice shall have been given in accordance with the Rules.
  3. (c) A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Honorary Secretary when directed by the Committee, or within TWENTY EIGHT days of the receipt of a requisition signed by at least TWENTY Members of the Club. Every requisition shall specify the business for which the meeting is to be convened and no other business shall be transacted at such meeting. SEVEN days notice of the meeting shall be given to each Member, and the quorum shall be twenty Members.


  1. (a) Membership of the Club shall be open to persons using Marsden Park Golf Course and paying Green Fees either as season ticket holders or otherwise, in accordance with the scale of charges as determined by the Trust.
  2. (b) Each person applying to be a Member of the Club shall submit an application form signed by a proposer and a seconder who must be Members of the Club.
  3. (c) Applications for membership of the Club to be posted for 14 days on the notice board to allow for any current club members to object (in writing to the Committee) then submitted to the first meeting of the Committee. The Committee will review any objections prior to deciding to accept or reject a new member application.
  4. (d) Senior Citizen – Persons aged 60 years or over at the date of application shall make application under this section.
  5. (e) Junior Section – Persons under 18 years of age may be elected Junior Members.
    1. The full annual subscription shall be payable on the 28th February after attaining the age of 18 years.
    2. Junior Members shall not be entitled to attend or vote at any meeting of the Club.
  6. (f) Social – Any person who has an association with the Club may make an application for admittance to this category. No playing or voting rights are attached to this category.
  7. (g) The Honorary Secretary shall inform each Member of his election to membership.

Honorary and Life Members

  1. (a) On the recommendation of the Committee a Member may be elected an Honorary at any General Meeting of the Club and he shall thereafter be entitled to all privileges of membership without paying the annual subscription fee, but a payment of a minimal annual golf administration fee will be required.
  2. (b) Such an election shall require a unanimous vote of the Members present at that meeting.
  3. (c) The President, Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Competition Secretary, Honorary Solicitor and the Honorary Auditors shall be Honorary Members of the Club.
  4. (d) Life members will not be subject to any membership or administration fees, but will be required to pay a fee of £3.00 per competition, should they enter any.


  1. (a) The entrance fee, if any, and annual subscription shall be in accordance with a scale determined by the Club.
  2. (b) The entrance fee, if any, and annual subscription shall be treated as a debt due to the Honorary Treasurer and the annual subscription shall be due on the 28th February each year, (or by arrangement on request).
  3. (c) The Committee shall have the discretionary power to reduce the subscription paid by a new Member for the current year. Any payment due from a new Member shall be due immediately after his/her election.
  4. (d) As from the 1st March surcharges are payable at the rate of £5.00 for each month or part of they are late, up to a maximum of 3 months. From the 1st June onwards membership is deemed to have lapsed if the appropriate fees and surcharges have not been paid.
  5. (e) A Member whose subscription is unpaid or who is in arrears with any other monies owing by them to the Club shall not be eligible to take part in any competition.
  6. (f) Distance membership is available to all members should they relocate to an area where it would only be possible to return and play in competitions just a few times a year. The cost of distance membership will be the annual golf administration fee (as paid by honorary members), and the member will be required to pay a fee of £3.00 per competition, should they enter any.


Any Member wilfully acting contrary to the Rules of the Club and continuing to do so after receiving due notice from the Honorary Secretary, or becoming unseemly in conduct and causing offence to other Members of the Club may be expelled from Membership after consideration of his/her case at a Special Meeting of the Committee called for this purpose.


Alteration of Rules

  1. (a) The alteration, addition or amendment to any Rules of the Club shall not be considered at the Annual General Meeting unless notice of such consideration has been given by the Honorary Secretary in the notice convening the meeting, or unless a motion for alteration or an amendment to the Rules has been received by the Honorary Secretary from any Member by the 15th December prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  2. (b) A Special General Meeting shall only be called to decide any alteration, amendment or addition to the Rules of the Club on the instruction of the Committee or on receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition and a notice of motion by the Members specifying the proposed alteration, amendment or addition to the Rules and signed by at least TWENTY members.
  3. (c) SEVEN days notice of the Special General Meeting, stating its purpose, shall be given to every Member of the Club, and the meeting shall be held within TWENTY EIGHT days from the date of requisition.
  4. (d) No alteration, amendment or addition to the Rules shall be made unless the resolution embodying such proposals shall be carried by at least TWO-THIRDS of the Members present at the meeting.

Rules and Bye-Laws

  1. (a) The Rules of the game of golf, as authorised by the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews, shall be adhered to except where modified by any Local Rules determined by the Committee.
  2. (b) Rules for Handicapping, as prepared by the Council of National Golf Unions, shall be applied for the determination, increase, reduction or retention of handicaps.
  3. (c) The Committee shall have power to make such bye-laws as it may consider necessary from time to time.
    (d) Every Member shall observe the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club.

Resignation / Suspension of Membership

  1. (a) Any Member may resign their membership on giving written notice to the Honorary Secretary and paying to the Honorary Treasurer all monies due from him/her to the Club.
  2. (b) Any former Member may rejoin the Club on being re-elected according to the Rules with payment of 50% of the current full entrance fee, providing that they did resign correctly by letter in the first instance.
  3. (c) Suspension of membership will be accepted at any time, providing it is requested by letter together with proof of the reason why to the Honorary Secretary and subsequently approved by the Committee, no monies will be refunded and no re-joining fee shall be applied.

Dress Code

The following rules are applicable to all Club Competitions, Presentations, Club Knockout and Representation of Marsden Park Golf Club at Team Events, Away Days etc.

  1. (a) No blue denims, trainers, collarless shirts (excluding approved branded golf wear), no tracksuits or sports shirts (i.e. football or rugby type) to be worn on the Course or in the Clubhouse if you are playing or have played in a Club Competition/Knockout, or attending a Club Presentation.
  2. (b) Tailored shorts must be worn with sports socks or trainer socks.
  3. (c) Golf shoes must be worn on the course at all times.
  4. (d) Shirts must be tucked into trousers, shorts or skirts at all times.
  5. (e) Trousers must not be tucked into socks.
  6. (f) Baseball caps should be worn correctly on the course, but must not be worn in the clubhouse.
  7. Any exemptions to the above, i.e. medical reasons etc., can be requested by letter to the Honorary Secretary, who will present it to the Committee for clearance and approval.

Notes on Competitions

  1. (a) The maximum handicap for all new members will be Male 24 or Female 36. This may be reviewed after the Member has played in competition.
  2. (b) New members must complete 3 cards for handicapping, or provide a current handicap certificate before they can enter a competition.
  3. (c) Start Sheet, a member may enter their name on the computer/start sheet at any available time, but removal or alteration of time from the computer/start sheet will only be accepted prior to 6pm on the day before.  Failure to turn up will result in the current fine being applied and all fines must be paid before a member can play in any further club competitions.
  4. (d) Competition entry, each member must register for each competition on the day, prior to playing, failure to register will result in disqualification.
  5. (e) Competitions designated ‘Veterans’ are open to full members aged 50 or over on the day of the competition.
  6. (f) Board Competitions – members must have completed a minimum of 3 club competitions in the previous 12 months to win a board competition.  (A no-return will not be accepted)
  7. (g) Only members that hold their handicap at Marsden Park Golf Club will be eligible to represent the Club in any competition.

Communications / Correspondence

Where possible electronic means will be the default/preferred method of communication/correspondence to club members. Where a member does not have access to electronic means or have not provided an email address correspondence will be posted to the last known address.